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The Newsletter of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge

(Founding) President's Corner

As we shelter-in-place, missing much of our normal lives, we are also finding new ways to pursue what we enjoy most, which of course includes bridge!  In these times we can use bridge to connect to our family at home, and to other bridge players online, while keeping our minds engaged. This edition of the SiVY Newsletter focuses on these new ways to enjoy the game.

When I was 14 and my brother Kenny was 9, we spent a lot of time with our grandparents. Grandpa Eli (Gruber) loved bridge with a passion, and saw that time as an opportunity to create a foursome to indulge his favorite pastime. Grandma Leah had played auction bridge, but somehow had never learned contract.  Once Grandpa got my brother and me started, there was no stopping us.  We'd play until way past our bedtimes in the evenings.  When home with our parents who weren't interested in playing, Kenny and I would deal out four hands on the floor for hours and play ourselves.  No BBO was available in those days!

Just as the hours flew by for us back then, I can think of no better way to pass the time at home with family now than playing bridge. If your siblings, children, parents or grandparents don’t know how to play – teach them! 

Online play has evolved throughout the years into a wonderful format for all levels of players, both social and competitive. It mirrors much of our lives where the online has enhanced and expanded opportunities for growth.  Top-level competitive players regularly hone their skills with online practice. In recent years coaching for Youth/Juniors at the National and International levels has largely taken place online. Additionally, qualifying rounds of Collegiate Championship have been held online.  For social players, online platforms offer a chance to learn and play for all skill levels in a variety of formats.

This newsletter is devoted to showing ways to enjoy, learn, and teach bridge without leaving your home. There’s a link to a webpage on the SiVY Bridge site that offers an excellent summary of online opportunities.  For those interested in a more entertaining and social game, read the article by 16-year-old Kai Eckert about bridge livestreams. Lastly, enjoy the recap of our recent Bay Area High School Bridge Championship, held on March 8 just before live events were ceased. Congratulations to Lynbrook High School, the 2020 team champions!

Be well,
Debbie Rosenberg
Founding President, SiVY Bridge