Silicon Valley Youth Bridge Center for Bridge Education

The Newsletter of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge

President's Corner

This month’s newsletter is all about celebrating the accomplishments of the dozens of volunteers who contributed to the sixth year of SiVY Bridge. At the volunteer appreciation event, they were acknowledged and thanked with a champagne toast and a special Friday night Barometer game.
During the toast, I was proud to outline some of the organization’s accomplishments from May 2018-June 2019:
• In June 2018, 30 young people attended the fifth annual Bridge Summer Camp, including 10 brand new players
• In August 2018, SiVY sent 21 players to the Youth North American Bridge Championship (YNABC) and all earned masterpoints.
• In April 2019, 36 high school players participated in the fifth annual Bay Area High School Bridge Championship.
• The ten pizza parties held over the year averaged more than 30 attendees at each. These events have become a way for young players to invite friends and siblings to try the game and grandparents/parents to give grandchildren/children a taste of what they love to do.
• Five middle schools and 9 high schools receive teaching or mentoring support from SiVY. This year these programs reached dozens of kids, including over 50 brand new to the game.

Of all the statistics, I think the one I found most satisfying and impressive has to do with the overall impact of SiVY on District 21 and ACBL Junior Player count. Of the 54 Junior Members earning masterpoints in 2019 in District 21, 90% are SiVY players. And of the 348 Junior players in the ACBL, one in seven is a SiVY players. Wow.

The accomplishments of the organization are those of the volunteers. Without their dedication and perseverance, the organization could not exist.

My sincerest thanks.