Silicon Valley Youth Bridge Center for Bridge Education

The Newsletter of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge

President's Corner

Parents, Volunteers, Donors, and Youth Players,

As I finish my first year as SiVY Bridge President, the organization is nearing its five year anniversary. It’s an exciting time for SiVY as we begin to see some of our early students earning National and International titles, achieving the rank of Life Master, and becoming teachers and volunteers themselves!

This newsletter describes the accomplishments of some of the SiVY and Bay Area players at the recent United States Bridge Federation Championships. It also highlights three of our many dedicated volunteers and two of our new, evening programs – one of which is being taught by two SiVY Bridge youth players. Finally our upcoming Bridge Summer Camp and Youth Nationals are covered.

Thank you for making Silicon Valley Youth (SiVY) Bridge a success! Without the support of each and every one of you, our Bay Area program to inspire the next generation of players could not exist.