Silicon Valley Youth Bridge

Parent - Child Duplicate

August 21, 2016

The parent/child event has been growing steadily and for good reason; family bridge with the kids is a great way to relax and compete at the same time. And, really is there any better way to get between 2.5 and 3.5 hours of undivided time with parent/child or grandparent/grandchild?

At this game there were eight tables in total; five in the advanced section and three in the other section.

We had three sets of newcomers. Sid Biswas played with his grandfather Buddhadeb Biswas and they came in first in their section. Sid, who also plays chess, said that he preferred bridge twenty times over chess! Only twenty?

Ariel Flaster played with her dad Michael Flaster and they came in first. Ariel said this was the most fun she has ever had (did she wink when she said this; maybe, but being biased we think not; in any case we are pleased but not as much as her dad!).

Charlie Narasin played with his mother Alex Narasin. Charlie said this is the second best bridge event in his life so far; the other one was first because he won. Well, we believe he will win the next time and the Parent-Child event will then be his number one event.

Young players play with a parent or grandparent as partner, trying to win American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) masterpoints and enjoying each other's company. Director Will Watson plans the game so that each pair would be able to meet and play against almost all the others.

Duplicate bridge is one of the few competitive activities in which people of all ages can participate as equals. Participants in the Parent-Child duplicate range from youth to seniors, but each pair has to work together to score well. Bridge is also one of the few games in which new players have the opportunity to compete against and learn from established stars.

Participants in our events range from duplicate bridge novices to experienced ACBL Life Masters to a world champion--all enjoying the company as well as the challenge of the game itself. A typical reaction was one youth's first words as he and his father left, "Can we do that again?"

Grandparents and parents looking for ways to connect with their young family members and entice them away from their iPods and their Game Boys should consider taking up bridge as a family activity. The youngsters may end up teaching them a few things, and that's a great feeling for everyone.

Bridge games at our events are American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) sanctioned awarding masterpoints (MP) to high scorers. ACBL membership is not required for our games but is strongly suggested. You can join online or at the Bridge Center on the night of an event. Adult membership is $29 for the first year and junior membership only $15 per year. Both include a monthly print magazine and registration of masterpoints (start earning towards becoming a Life Master!).