Silicon Valley Youth Bridge

2015 Firecracker Youth Day

Firecracker Sectional
Santa Clara Convention Center
June 10-14

SiVY players rocked at the Firecracker sectional this past week. Rory Xiao (left) celebrated his birthday on Friday by winning first place in his bracket of the Swiss teams. His team of four included his brother Brent Xiao, friend Kevin Huang, and dad, Bo Xiao.

Flight C of the 299'er Swiss on Sunday was won by Daniel Sonner, Charlotte Munger, Samuel Erickson and Marcus Edholm. These four were playing their first team event. Charlotte said they started doing much better when, about halfway through the event, the realized the margin of victory in each match mattered! Great job, team Sonner. Charlotte and Marcus also won the second session of the 0-20 pairs on Saturday, with over 72%. All four were practicing for Youth NABC in Chicago this August.

The long list of SiVY mentors and youths who won events includes:
Kevin Huang (won two events), Kevin Rosenberg (won two events, including averaging over 70% in a 2 session pairs with his dad), Olivia d'Arezzo - Aidan Gottlieb (N-S winners 0-20 pairs), Cameron Wheeler, Arthur Zhou (Bracket 2 of Saturday's K/O), Cornelius Duffie, Claire Duffie (Sat aft 0-20 pairs N-S), Jakob Karstens, Edward Z. Yang (Sat morn 0-20 pairs).

Other youths who earned masterpoints were Hugo Laboisse, Anita Silver, Helen Chang, Ryan Schwartz, Britt d'Arezzo, Miller Geschke, Dan Zhukov, Sophie Lian, and Suzanne Campbell.

SiVY mentors John Hoffman and Michael Bodell won first overall in the large and tough Flight A pairs on Saturday. A team of SiVY mentors, Isha Thapa, Mukund N. Thapa, Nate Munger, and William Bailey took first overall in the large Flight B field on the Sunday Swiss.

Congratulations all! It was lots of fun seeing you there, and sorry if we've left anyone out.