Silicon Valley Youth Bridge

January 31, 2014

Silicon Valley Youth (SiVY) Bridge held its first Pizza Party event of 2014 on January 31 at the bridge center. Four tables of mini bridge and four tables of duplicate vied for fun prizes including bridge Tshirts, books, and games. Everyone also enjoyed plentiful snacks, pizza, and a yummy cake.

Winners of the duplicate were Jon Coleman playing with his grandmother. They had a huge score of 83%! Justin Wang and Stanford student Chris Kolner were first their direction with almost 67%. In second place N/S were Brent Xiao and Cornelius Duffie, and E/W were Jordan Middle Schoolers Neive Wellington and Anjolina Huang.

Overall first place winners in the duplicate, Jon Coleman and his grandmother Claire with Lucas Simon and Aiden Bryan.

The first SiVY event of 2014

First place N/S in Duplicate, Justin Wang and Chris Kolner

Second Place in Duplicate, N/S wereCornel ius Duffie and Brent Xiao. Brent and Cornelius met at one of the SiVY parties. Both learned to play bridge at home, but Cornelius has also taken intermediate classes at the Bridge Center and is in the Bridge Club at Jordan Middle School.

Neive Wellington and Anjolina Huang were 2nd E/W in the duplicate. They are friends and fellow students at Jordan Middle School.

Lucas Simon works out his defensive strategy while Anjolina Huang plans her play and Neive Wellington proudly presents the dummy.

The overall winner of the mini bridge tournament were N/S pair Tyler Liu, playing with his Dad Rayne (filling in to complete the table). Kevin Cox and Ben Erickson were 2nd that direction. First place E/W went to William Park and Harrison Chen, with first time partners Ariel Flaster and Thanaya Ramji taking 2nd.


Mini Bridge Tournament Winners Show off their Prizes

The SiVY monthly events are held to provide kids from our after school classes a chance to meet aspiring players from other schools. They are also a great way for kids who have learned from adult family to play bridge with other young people. The January event had a few new folks from this category.

One such example is Ariel Flaster who learned to play from her dad, Mike. Ariel was attending her first SiVY event and was happy to have a chance to play with other kids. Also Sean Yang, who learned from his dad Qing, likes coming to the monthly parties as they are his only chance to play bridge with a younger group. Even though they love playing together, when Clement Tang heard about SiVY from a friend, he suggested his son Calix attend the events to have a chance to meet other young players. Calix has been to every SiVY party since learning of them.

Calix Tang partnered with Kevin Rosenberg on defense, Cornelius Duffie playing a hand while partner Brent Xiao handles the dummy. Brent’s dad Bo Xiao is kibitzing.

Game Results

Mini-Bridge Friday Aft Session January 31, 2014
Scores after 4 rounds Average: 12.0 Section B North-South
Pair Pct Score Rank O/A
2 72.92 17.50 1 1 Tyler Liu - Rayne Liu
4 64.58 15.50 2 2 Kevin Cox - Ben Erickson
3 52.08 12.50 Eric Stump - Avery Stump
1 10.42 2.50 Alexander Van Geuns - Gabriel Arthur-Scott

Mini-Bridge Friday Aft Session January 31, 2014
Scores after 4 rounds Average: 12.0 Section B East-West
Pair Pct Score Rank O/A
2 58.33 14.00 1 3 William Park - Harrison Chen
3 52.08 12.50 2 Ariel Flaster - Thanaya Ramji
1 47.92 11.50 Vincent Gould - Nolan Taylor
4 41.67 10.00 Eddie Wang - Sean Yang

Bridge Friday Aft Session January 31, 2014
Scores after 4 rounds Average: 12.0 Section F North-South
Pair Pct Score Rank O/A
3 66.67 16.00 1 2 Justin Wang - Chris Kolner
2 56.25 13.50 2 3 Brent Xiao - Cornelius Duffie
4 39.58 9.50 Joni Smith - Janice Nakao
1 37.50 9.00 Aiden Bryan - Lucas Simon

Bridge Friday Aft Session January 31, 2014
Scores after 4 rounds Average: 12.0 Section F East-West
Pair Pct Score Rank O/A
1 83.33 20.00 1 1 Jon Coleman - Claire Coleman
3 45.83 11.00 2 Neive Wellington - Anjolina Huang
2 39.58 9.50 Ryan Wisowaty - Charlie Camarena
4 31.25 7.50 Kevin Rosenberg - Calix Tang

Our bridge games are American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) sanctioned awarding masterpoints (MP) to high scorers. ACBL membership is not required for our games but is strongly suggested. You can join online or at the Bridge Center on the night of an event. Adult membership is $28 for the first year and junior membership only $15 per year. Both include a monthly print magazine and registration of masterpoints (start earning towards becoming a Life Master!).