Silicon Valley Youth Bridge

Debbie Rosenberg

Debbie Rosenberg is American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) and World Bridge Federation (WBF) Grandmaster, with victories in four world championship events and numerous national events. Debbie and her partner won the International Bridge Press Association (IBPA) award for best bid hand of the year twice, in both 2006 and 2010, and Debbie won the IBPA Sportsmanship Award in 2012.

Bridge has taken Debbie around the world, including to Italy, Denmark, Holland, Brazil, France, Iceland, Pakistan, and China.

In addition to playing competitively, Debbie loves teaching the game, especially the play of the cards. The challenges a simple deck of cards can present offer a lifetime of fascination.

In 2011, Debbie and her family moved to the Bay Area from New York, where Debbie had 25 years’ experience teaching bridge players of all levels. She now teaches classes to, and privately coaches, adult players, primarily at an advanced level. At the same time, Debbie is loving introducing the game to beginning youth players, as well as helping the more serious youth players progress.

Debbie's family includes husband Michael Rosenberg, one of the world's top bridge players, and son Kevin, a UC Berkeley graduate who is also an avid player, and volunteer for SiVY Bridge. Since moving to Cupertino, Debbie’s mom, Judy Zuckerberg, has taken up bridge too, and it is wonderful having a common pastime connecting the whole family.

While Debbie has always enjoyed seeing new players learn bridge, recently Youth Bridge has become her passion. In 2013 Debbie started volunteering as a mentor in the United States Bridge Federation’s Junior training program, working to train young players for international youth competitions. Also that year Debbie founded Silicon Valley Youth Bridge (SiVY Bridge), with its mission to inspire the next generation of bridge enthusiasts. In 2015 the Amercian Contract Bridge League (ACBL) recognized Debbie as the ACBL Volunteer of the Year and in 2018 the ACBL recognized Debbie and husband Michael jointly as Honorary Members of the year

Debbie's dream for SiVY Bridge is to make youth bridge BIG in the Bay Area! She is grateful to have such a fabulous team of volunteers to work with, and proud of the progress the organization has made.